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[090718] Jay Chou "lands" in second place in the US Billboard

18. července 2009 v 22:26 | Nan(a)mi |  >Jay Chou
After breaking Jacky Cheung's IFPI world music awards record, another bombshell has exploded: Jay Chou lands in second place in the US Billboard chart with his 2009 Sydney concert, he beat heavenly kings and queens like The Eagles, Beyonce to get second place with the ticket sales for a single concert from April to now, he's become the "pride of Chinese".

Being the Chinese person to hold the biggest concert in Sydney, Jay Chou's super popularity has won over super ticket sales. Fans on message boards all expressed: "It's no shame in losing to the god of guitar, beating those artists behind him is just amazing!" Some fans couldn't believe it: "It's too surprising! Has there been a mix-up with other artists' names?"

Jay Chou's Sydney concert has become the big thing of the year for the local Chinese people. On the night of the concert there were 13047 audience members participating, with the song "Fragrance of Rice" Jay Chou made the old, middle-aged and young generations of Chinese people full of tears and caused a big sing-along.

Source: jay2u
Translated by: http://www.jaychoustudio.com

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